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World of Warcraft - How to get to Argus (8.3)

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To get to Argus, first you’ll need to accept, the Pepega that is Blizzard.
Next, go to Khadgar, and pick up the quest “Uniting The Isles”, then hand it in to Khadgar.
Now, fly over to Krasus’ Landing, near the flight master, and pick up the quest “Armies of Legionfall”.
Hand this quest in and pick up the next. Then skip the scenario if you can. After you’ve done that, you should appear on Broken Shore.
Hand this quest in, then go back to Dalaran.
Once in Dalaran, go back to Khadgar, and pick up his quest, called “The Hand of Fate” and follow this quest line until you reach the Vindicaar.
Once you got onto the Vindicaar, hand that quest in and pick up the next quest. Now, skip the cutscene, and you should be in Argus. Finally, hand in this quest, and you’re finished, you have Argus unlocked. And Pepega Blizzard has some explaining to do.

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