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World Of Warcraft | Fire Mage PoV | PuG Mythic +20 Tol'Dagor | 1MILLION DPS IS POSSIBLE!

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Добавлено от Admin В World of Warcraft
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Skip to 1:08 for 1 million dps
150k for overall dps (130k taking out cannon dmg)
Expedientx1 (nothing better currently, definitely go for full mastery.)
whats up guys! NBG here, thanks for sticking around and i hope you all enjoy this pretty decent PuG key i ended up doing on my Mage (which is actually my main now) and i've been having alot of fun with it!
New videos soon, will be posting more M+ videos aswell as little montages/snippets!

Stay safe out there!
Any questions, criticism or help please leave a comment below and i will reply ASAP!


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