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World Of Warcraft Classic Demo First Impressions

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Following Blizzcon, Blizzard game players who purchased the virtual ticket access to a Demo for World Of Warcraft Classic, in this demo you start at level 15 and get to explore the Barrens as Horde and Westfall as the Alliance, I've been looking forward to playing WoW Classic for a while now so I decided to record a fun little first impressions video of my experience with the demo over the course of about 3 hours of playing, I didn't wanna play for longer because I wanted to keep the experience fresh when classic launches in summer 2019, needless to say I can't wait to make content for it and be immersed in that good old vanilla gameplay.

What are your thoughts on WoW Classic? are you still excited for it or has the demo done enough to quench your nostalgia? let me know in the comments below!

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---World Of Warcraft Vanilla/Classic Description---

World Of Warcraft Classic is a 2019 legacy server for the Vanilla experience of WoW, In this version of the game the level cap is 60, there's 8 playable races, forsaken, orc, tauren and troll for horde, and dwarf, gnome, human and night elf for the alliance.
WoW classic is a much slower and more punishing experience than current world of warcraft with many conveniences players are used to today not being in the game, you need to read quests, you'll need to group with players more often, you don't get access to your first mount until level 40, making gold is much harder and your character is generally a lot weaker when fighting mobs than current wow with mana being a big problem for most caster classes.
The reason a lot of players are looking forward to Vanilla WoW is that it felt a lot more like an RPG, and with progression being much harder it made your accomplishments feel more impactful, It may be slower and have less detailed graphics but the overall pace and game design makes Vanilla WoW feel like a more immersive experience for many players.

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---Legal footnotes---

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World Of Warcraft Classic Demo First Impressions

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