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Shadowlands Melee Ranked! Most Fun, Strongest, Best AOE, Who's Best At What?

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It's time to choose a Melee DPS class for World of Warcraft Shadowlands, but which is best dps? It's not all about the numbers; we separate them into categories to look at the Shadowlands Class Changes and find out who's best at what in 9.0 You will definitely disagree, but that's half the fun :)

00:00 Intro
00:56 Enhancement Shaman - Most Buttons! Most Improved to Play
03:15 Death Knights
03:54 Frost Death Knight - Best Raid Damage
05:33 Unholy Death Knight - Best Scaling AOE (also Gargoyle isn't baseline)
07:18 Windwalker Monk - PvP Arena Champion, Dungeon Master
09:54 Retribution Paladin - Best Burst Damage
12:10 Survival Hunter - Waiting For the Numbers, Most Underrated Fun
15:11 Rogues
15:45 Assassination Rogue - Classic Sustain Rogue
16:47 Outlaw Rogue - Dungeon Essential, Best Cleave DPS
18:05 Subtlety Rogue - Best Single Target Rogue, New Easy Mode
19:37 Havoc Demon Hunter - Easiest Melee Class to Play, Effortless AOE
22:07 Feral Druid - PvP Arena Challenger, Uncapped AOE, Easier Than You Think
24:37 Warriors
25:26 Fury Warrior - Most Fun
26:16 Arms Warrior - Best Execute DPS, Best 2-Target Cleave DPS

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