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RAREST Obtainable Hunter Pets | Unique Pet Guide Ep. 2 | World of Warcraft BFA & Shadowlands

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Episode 2 is here!!

A couple notes thanks to @Petra Meyer, spirit shock is being taken away from spirit beasts due to the return of tranquilizing shot, same with soothing water. I can't find this on the interwebs but I trust him, he's provided a lot of helpful info to the channel. Hunters mark will purge the invis on any trackable pets, so you can use that instead of freezing trap if you wish. Also, Ankha and Magria only appear once you progress the Cata Mt Hyjal questline, forgot to mention that one.

All pets in this video were suggested by YOU, the community, in my last RARE pet guide! So, I want to thank you all for contributing to the conversation. Y'all are amazing and I hope you stick around with me as I grow this channel! Lots of good stuff here, so stay tuned!

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