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Asmongold VS World of Warcraft Shadowlands bots..Can we win?

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Today an assault on bots was lead by Asmongold. Does the resistance win? Let's find out. How does Blizzard respond? Here is a clue...not well :D

0:00 intro
1:47 Enter the bots
2:57 Asmon Tweets Blizzard
3:36 80 Plus players take a stand.
4:49 every one prays for help.
8:18 Blizzards Ticket system sucks
9:00 The Problem with bots.
13:21 Blizzard support vs Shop
13:52 Did we WIN??
14:24 Blizzard CHEATS!
16:20 Cheaters revealed.
17:33 MORE BOTS!
18:31 How much gold do bots make a day.
20:10 Blizzard ignores Asmongolds tweets.
20:42 How to fix these BOTTERS NOW!
21:08 We won the battle.
23:38 Final thoughts and Outtro.

Thanks, Asmongold for leading the charge. I appreciate your passion for keeping this an honest game. Hope I'm not stepping on your toes too much. Also hope you don't mind I turned your F-bombs into duck sounds. Thanks again. I will be scouting my server for bots and helping in anyway I can. Peace and love.

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